By: Pauline Ores On: June 21, 2016 In: ERP Services, Events, Webinars Comments: 0

Executing your company’s long-term strategic vision and driving growth is strongly correlated with a well-functioning, efficient IT software system. If you have assessed your company’s current system and determined that investing in new IT systems is indeed warranted, four critical considerations are necessary in selecting the most appropriate business system:

  1. Address key inefficiencies with requirements that improve current processes
  1. Ensure unique and defining business processes – Carefully evaluate vendors for the unique and defining business processes they can offer your business.
  1. Perform scripted demonstrations – Scripted demonstrations serve to confirm vendor requirement responses and gauge the software’s ease of configuration and use. A scripted demonstration provides the ability to more adequately compare solutions based on an “apples-to-apples” comparison. With respect to areas that may be unique to your business, such as customer pricing or an intricate sales and supply chain process, scripted demonstrations are especially valuable. Whereas a vendor may present their own canned demonstrations, or simply tell you, “yes, it can do that,” a scripted demo ensures that the software truly meets your company’s most critical needs.
  1. Evaluate vendor / software technology, dependability and service – Vendor and software reliability is key. Solicit at least two vendor reference checks to gain a better idea of how it will be to work with the vendor, garner vendor functional responses, and verify their track record of continued development. Customer site visits can also be particularly helpful for an inside look into real companies using the software.

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