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Get a Handle on Your Data with Our Information Management Consulting Services

Reliable, timely business intelligence: it’s so vital, but it can be surprisingly difficult to access.

In today’s digital economy, growth companies are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the data they have to access and understand. This inhibits their ability to make strategic decisions quickly. Companies need tools that help them aggregate and visualize data, and they need easy access to analytics that can reliably guide decisions and actions.

At CohnReznick, our information management consulting team knows that solid analytics are crucial to solid, strategic decision-making. You need to gain control of your data.  We can help.

Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers

We believe passionately that organizations should embrace both analytics and information management as strategic imperatives.

A strong analytics strategy helps you find answers to the most important questions you face: the questions that drive key business decisions. In other words, if you get the right answers to the right questions, you’ll be able to take informed strategic action.

We can help you design and execute an analytics solution that does exactly that.  Our proprietary CohnReznick Analytics Framework (CRAFT), founded on an agile, iterative, six-step development process, is designed to get at the questions and answers that matter most to your business. Our process yields the right analytics in days, not months, paving the way for an actionable growth strategy.

Good information management is also a necessary condition for a strong analytics program.  Information is being captured and stored at a pace and volume never before seen. All that rich data should be in the hands of your most knowledgeable employees – not trapped in a database or bogged down in backlogged IT service requests. A flexible and agile information management plan that aligns people, process, and technology will help you generate the analytics you need to make smart decisions quickly and stay ahead of the competition – in other words, to become a truly data-driven enterprise.

A Flexible, Responsive Road Map

CRAFT works for business as WAZE does for traffic jams.  The CRAFT analytics framework can help your company confidently alter course and shift investments as needed to better capitalize on market opportunities. You benefit from:

  • Faster time-to-value. With the volume of data expected to double every two years, growth companies struggle to make timely decisions. More troubling, they are often making strategic decisions with inaccurate and incomplete data.  Our process can speed up access to key insights, giving you the confidence to take key business actions.
  • A better return on investment and more valuable analytics. Our framework enables you to quickly determine whether a strategy will yield the required return. This allows you to reduce opportunity costs and deploy capital to the initiatives that are most likely to succeed.
  • Access to insights from new datasets. New unstructured datasets, including data from social media platforms, can unlock previously unseen opportunities and identify previously unknown issues. Our framework can help companies achieve new insights by and solve key business problems by structuring additional data from non-traditional sources.
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Matthew Giroux

Managing Director, CohnReznick Advisory

Matthew Giroux is a managing director with CohnReznick Advisory and leads its cloud solutions, business intelligence (“BI”), and data analytics service offerings. He has more than 15 years of experience in information technology and data management. He is focused on driving businesses toward actionable insights through the integration of data assets and bringing together people, partners, and technology to deliver agile, innovative solutions. (Read full profile)