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Digital changes everything.  Every industry, every channel, every market. It’s revolutionary and promising, but it’s also challenging. You need to be able to respond to the ever-evolving digital environment quickly, getting out in front of your competitors and anticipating incursion by pesky disruptors.

CohnReznick can help. Our Digital and Innovation Services practice was built to serve high-growth and middle-market organizations with digital strategy development and execution. Our expertise in digital transformation is first-rate, and our methods are ideal for today’s fast-changing world.

Opportunities Abound

Digital is revolutionizing all aspects of business.  Companies are using digital technology to:

  • Fuel new revenue streams
  • Create deeper customer experiences
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Transform businesses models
  • Re-tool governance practices

How should you take advantage of digital technology for your business? What are the unique, game-changing opportunities you should pursue? How can you evolve and respond quickly?

Agile Digital Transformation

To help you answer these questions, our innovation consulting team takes you through our agile innovation process. Our approach is to quickly identify, test, and deploy high-potential opportunities for your business, adapting to feedback and changing circumstances along the way. And it’s not a one-time exercise: to stay relevant, you need to embrace “continuous everything”: innovation, design, integration, testing, and deployment.  Our approach can deliver real change in weeks, not months, resulting in a much faster return on your investment.  To learn more download our “Digital Changes Everything” white paper.

The CohnReznick Innovation Lab

To support our clients’ need for speed and agility in digital innovation, we’ve recently unveiled a state-of-the-art Innovation Lab. The Lab’s unique co-creation and collaboration tools are designed to maximize the effectiveness of our proprietary innovation process, driving results quickly and continuously.  In the Lab, we work with clients in an agile and iterative fashion to deliver high-impact outcomes in days or weeks, rather than the typical months or years.  Learn more about the Lab.

Let’s see where digital can take your business.

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Digital and Innovation Services

  • Digital Strategy and Capabilities Assessment
  • Cloud Assessment and Roadmap
  • Omnichannel Strategy, Capabilities, and Readiness
  • Digital Customer Experience, Personas, and Journey Maps
  • Customer Identity and Access Management
  • Optimized Search
  • Mobile Rendering and Application Development
  • Website and Portal Application Development
  • Digital Marketing Cloud Deployment
  • Service Cloud Deployment
  • Sales Cloud Deployment
  • Digital Supply Chain and Digital Commerce Strategy


Paul Gulbin

Managing Director, Digital and Innovation Services

Paul Gulbin is a managing director with CohnReznick Advisory Group. He leads the Firm’s digital services platform as part of the Digital and Innovation Services group. Paul is focused on advising companies on ways to become more agile, innovative, social, mobile, and customer- and employee-focused by making digital a core part of how they conduct business. He specializes in digital and customer strategy, digital marketing, channel and content management, experience design, digital customer profile, permissions management, analytics, big data, and complex/global programs. (Read full profile)